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Beatrice mask Latex masks|silicone masks
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        Beatrice mask Latex masks
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Wearing masks of ways: directly on the head

Mask thickness: 1MM 2MM ~

No wig

Beatrice mask   Latex masks


Full head mask in particular:

About Faces

Full head masks and half-face masks to beautify the type of mask, the thickness of 3-4 mm, fixed expression. Wear does not affect me speak, but the expression does not change the mask to follow movement.

About ways to wear

Mask on the back of a metal ring, fold wear with cross-tying can be tightened up.

About Size

Full head masks of size requirements is relatively high, the use of tying in the icon size based on the positive and negative 3cm.

According to the first full-face masks are not each the same size, an image of a size, no size size.

A mask of a mold, can not be modified on the basis of spot size, image and other operations.

Try to select matches the size of the wearer of the mask head circumference, low deformation rate can mask more comfortable to wear, the image more realistic.

About ventilation

Full head mask and ear nose and lips (some models) are open, the vent to allow more breathing smooth, cool environment more suitable to wear full-head mask.

About Makeup

Masks commonly used in cosmetics, make-up material for the market, the color is not fixed, self-cleaning for makeup. When you try to use their own make-up of silty materials (such as foundation), oily cosmetics difficult to apply evenly (such as liquid foundation), do not use too much poor-quality cosmetics to prevent the metal corrosion to eat color. Make-up before the recommended small amount of baby powder puff dipped into the surface lightly coated in a layer mask, the mask can make the surface smooth and delicate, difficult to eat color, color cosmetics, even more so.

About Cleaning

Use a neutral detergent (such as face cream, soap, detergent) and make-up routine replacement of cleaning, residue after washing if the color can be used an alcohol wipe.

About collections

Favorite place naturally, not to heavy compression folding, deformation may be equipped with a long time

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