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        Asian men silicone mask, face mask 4
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Simulation of a silicone face mask 200, only the implantation of the eyebrows, beard requires implantation of above 220 dollars, up and down the beard to be 250 yuan, a mask from 0.1 to 1 mm thick and the adhesive on the face and black elastic rope tied face two types of quick and easy to wear. True color is more natural than the picture, silicone mask simulation, men's face, the skin surface with real texture and color. All the shops are not turning the mask used for illegal purposes, if violated, consequences.

Delivery time :7-15 days

1: how exhausted I picked? Answer: From the edge of the peeled off to expose light on it, peeled off the mask, you need to wipe her face with gauze and alcohol on the glue stick. Go to the drugstore to buy bottles of alcohol and gauze!

2: gonna glue it? Bottle can be used for how long? Answer: Generally not sent to the customer separately, and a bottle with about 30 times!

3: This simulation of human skin mask high do,, how to stick to the face? Answer: Paste mask, with real skin texture, color fidelity above 90%, with a special make-up theatrical glue.

4: will not harm the skin, right? Answer: No, makeup artists and actors in this special glue!

5: How to wear a mask? Answer: wear a face mask has two methods, useful flexibility noose, useful glue paste. Remove the noose of easy to wear and paste the expressive.

6: The surface has a size? Oh, we watched the three models can be selected is: too large, medium, small of the points, you buy when you write the message on the wearer's face is too fat, medium, or slim, is if there is no what type of message is that we are unified fat middle of the Oh! Oh, to pay attention.

7: The mask above the glue can wash down ah? Answer: No, need to stick with a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol! As long as you do not face the wound, rubbing alcohol will not be pain, alcohol swabs and the like with the pro can go to a nearby pharmacy to buy!

8: This thing can wash it? Answer: the mask can be washed with water, cold water, warm water can be!

9: mask peeled off, we should pay attention to it? There will be no damage to it? Answer: Paste-type silicone mask, as long as the light from the edge can be peeled off without damage. Paste in the face should not see the flaws, so do the thin edge of only 0.1 mm! Normal wear with a few years no problem.

10: set rope mask and paste mask What is the difference? Answer: Paste the edge of the thin edge of a noose a little thick, strong!

11: The dough can be implanted without beard beard it? Answer: Yes, but the price is higher Oh, plus half of any of them will jerk under $ 50, plus up and down if necessary to plus 100 yuan Oh ~ ~

12: You can ??? Answer: the domestic price is very favorable, oh, because the domestic yet no one will do this, we have the equivalent of the early development of the customer, so are the subject of a very low price. We are Nett sales, do not bargain.

13: Summer wear sweat how to do, what problem? Answer: pro, paste-type mask for the time and place in cool to wear, the sweating is a noose does not matter. Nothing to wear even in summer is sweating, and sweating on wearing a mask is not affected.

14: If unsuitable can be returned it? Answer: pro, can, within 24 hours of receipt of the goods can be returned, if it is because of personal reasons do not want to take care of themselves if freight Oh, and if it is to charge for return of the mask cleaning fee of ten percent oh.

Sale Description:

1 Do not use sharp objects on the product
2. Do not touch the product gasoline, thinner, and high temperature
3. Do not fold or use heavy compression long products
4. Mask is generally very short time the factory, curing agent is not completely evaporate, silicone material itself is tasteless, to transport from the factory has been in a confined environment, transportation, so first open the package, the mask will have the smell of curing agent needed 2-3 days in a ventilated environment can be used normally delegated

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